I have always been the kind of person who has shied away from any form of group activity that involves physical prowess other than running so I was a bit apprehensive about coming to a class at Bull Ridge. I am so happy that my friends convinced me to try BR in the beginning of this year. Not being the most athletic or strongest person doesn’t matter at Bull Ridge…..just getting out there and performing the skills to the best of your ability is the goal. From day one Chris has encouraged me and helped me to improve in so many facets of the Bull Ridge workouts. And I can honestly say the atmosphere there is tremendous not only because of Chris but the people who belong as well. The encouragement and support is off the charts. Come on out and try Bull Ridge….I think you will be pleasantly surprised! — Ren ee

I would highly recommend bull ridge fitness! Chris the trainer is amazing! There is never a class you can’t do. Everyone is so encouraging and friendly. I was so nervous to go to my first class but I couldn’t wait to go back the next day. I was never one to go to the gym often, but now my health and confidence is already improving. —Victoria

I am only into my third week at Bull Ridge but am already feeling so much stronger than I ever have. The atmosphere is fun and encouraging. Truly a “come as you are” mentality, but at the same time encouraged to push yourself. I have found out I can do so much more than I ever thought I could – my body was made to move like this!! Thank you Chris! You and your classes are exactly what I was looking for and what I need!! —Jeanette

This gym and people are fabulous! Chris is great instructing, encouraging, and working with everyone at their unique fitness levels. I couldn’t say enough good things. I always feel great after every workout and have definitely improved my fitness levels and pushing forward. So glad to have joined! —Kristen

Excellent fitness training. Chris does an excellent job of posting the workouts the night before, and explaining the activities to the class. One hour goes VERY fast. Everyone is friendly, encouraging and inspiring. Fitness should be fun and it is at Bull Ridge! —Kimberly

Love working out here. Great group of people. Fun environment. Look forward to every workout! Highly recommend! —Vanessa

Chris is AWESOME! She is helpful in every step of your fitness journey! She takes the time to help you with your form, encourages you that YOU can do it, and so much more! She even takes the time to talk with you about nutrition as this is also a key component to a healthier and better you! People range from all sorts of experience, and no matter what level you are on she makes you feel comfortable and right at home! All the other members and very encouraging of one another and keep you motivated even at 5am when most of us would still want to be in bed. I would recommend Bull Ridge Fitness to everyone! —Kimberly

No matter what your fitness level is- whether you are beginning your fitness journey or a trained athlete; the workouts at bull ridge are fantastic and challenging. Every work out can be scaled to your needs! Brant and Chris are wonderful teachers! The atmosphere is welcoming. Bull Ridge is all about group fitness while also pursuing your own focus on your fitness journey. I recommend anyone to try Bull Ridge Fitness! —Ashley

I have been into fitness for years and sometimes need a change of pace. Bull Ridge Fitness has made me excited again. Not only are the workouts of the day challenging and fun but the people and energy is always motivating. Everyone there is out to create the best version of themselves and are supportive of where you are in your fitness journey. There is always time in the workout to learn and practice skills so you are up to speed and able to execute a workout at your pace and strength. If you are looking to gain strength, lose weight or to condition yourself to a healthier lifestyle Bull Ridge is the place. Check it out and come join the fun!! —Samm

Bull Ridge Fitness is a great place! You feel the friendly and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. They know what they’re doing and it shows in every class. The owners are local family-oriented people and really enjoy what they do. I highly recommend giving it a try! —Adam

This is a guy that never worked out regularly let alone at a gym and never even considered cross training. Top that off with typical body aches of life in the mid 40’s, way out of shape, fear from back surgery and 2 hernia surgeries. Today i feel healthier and stronger both physically and mentally than in my middle 30’s. I love the 5 am crew and truly appreciate the non-intimidating atmosphere that Chris and Brant create. They coach form, listen to, and respect your body but at the same time push you get the most from the workouts. First 2 weeks were the toughest but once you start seeing and feeling the results it became addicting for me and i hate to miss a class now. Thank you Chris and Brandt and Bull Ridge gang for every morning of strength building, sweat, confidence building, fun, laughter, and camaraderie. You are appreciated by me. —Scott

Definitely my favorite cross training gym yet. Very motivational and knowledgable coaches and an awesome community of people. I would recommend for anyone who wants to improve their fitness while being in a fun and judgement free atmosphere. —Julia

Great community. Great price. This is exactly the kind of place I needed. —Kyle

Bull Ridge Fitness has “Come As You Are” atmosphere. Brant and Chris work with each individual at their own level. I was impressed at how Brant and Chris are willing to work with each person at his/her own level and take the time to show modifications for beginners and those who are less fit. Always friendly and willing to help out. And the people are also friendly!! It’s a great place to work out and a great community of people to surround yourself with! —Toni

I have been to a lot of private gyms and by far this one is the best and kicks my butt everytime I am there! Great group of people to work without with and great people that run it! Anyone can do it, you just have to put your mind to it! #comeasyouare —Holly

I’ve always tried to get to the gym but it was always a struggle going. I absolutely loved Bull Ridge ever since my first class. It’s more fun than the gym and I’ve seen results faster than I ever have rather than going to the gym both mentally and physically. Everyone there is so motivational, helpful and pushes you to do your best. I have never left a class unsatisfied. I definitely recommend coming to a class. –Danielle

What I love about Bull Ridge is Chris really does a great job breaking down the movements and taking her time explaining the work out so you feel comfortable and don’t get hurt. Everything is scalable based on your comfort level. I also love the variety of workouts which makes it fun! — Teresa

Talk about some amazing people!!!! Chris and Brant are great coaches and the others that attend the gym are so positive and encouraging!!! I am so glad each time Chris or Brant push me past my comfort zone!! You want functional fitness this is the place to be!!! —Katie

I’m not typically one to leave reviews, but when asked to comment on something that’s become so important in my life I can only say. Health and well being is something we are all personally in charge of for no one but ourselves. I have pursued fitness most of my life and nothing has changed that as much as this type of training and this community has. That to me is priceless, because nothing is more important to me and my loved ones. embrace change! embrace the true you! —Doug

I have never taken a gym class before because I was nervous about what others think or that I wouldn’t know how to do any of the things in class. I was especially nervous for this class because I have never done much with weights. But I am so glad I started the 5am classes! Chris and Brant always take time to explain and show you every workout and movement. Everyone in the class is always so nice and always motivate you to do your best. Even though I’m only two weeks in on attending, I can already tell this is the place to be. I highly recommend Bull Ridge to everyone! —Karly

Bull ridge has helped me get back into shape in one month more than I have been in the past five years. As I was never really someone to go to a gym and work out I was hesitant at first, but before each exercise Chris and Brant go through the movements which has helped me understand the exercise and not hurt my body. Do it for yourself and personal health, give them a try it’s a blast! —Chad

5 stars isnt enough! I am so happy to have found a place to workout while having fun, being challenged, and encouraged to push my limits! I was nervous at first as the only “gym” experience I had was the typical treadmill and use a few pieces of equipment! Bull Ridge is great because the workouts are different every day and can always be modified to your skill level! I have always felt welcomed and comfortable as I learn new workouts/skills! Chris and Brant explain and show you how to do everything and are coaching you along! Its been an awesome month so far…excited for more!!! —Ashley

Everyone should try Chris’s class!! You will see just how fun Chris is. She is so full of energy and positivity it is contagious. — Lisa

Bull Ridge Fitness is exactly what I needed! My at-home workouts were not producing the results I wanted, nor did I have the motivation to work out harder by myself. I was intimidated by a few of the workouts at first, but each movement is explained step by step and can always be scaled to your level. Chris and Brant are always available to help with form and to tell you to squat deeper. I recommend the 5am class since the crew is pretty awesome! There is always someone cheering you on or pushing you to work harder! Try them out! You won’t regret it! —Julene

Since starting at Bull Ridge, I have achieved PRs in 5 different movements, I have been able to consistently do 2 other movements that previously I was unable to do, and I have more fun than anyone should be having at 5:00 AM 🙂 They train you hard, but within your capabilities. Goals are set, achieved, and reset. Patience and encouragement is bountiful. Join us, you won’t regret this fun journey! —Lindsay